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Breaking news: We will be at Cumberland Fair September, 25 – October, 1 2022

Farewell restaurant & Thank you guests!

It was May, 17, 1996, when Beale Street Barbeque & Grill opened the doors for the first time and immediately got our butts smacked with more guests than we could handle. I went outside after lunch and cried a tiny tear, then quickly returned and reset for dinner service which went amazingly well. That night, long after the guests and staff had left, I walked the restaurant with a deep sense of pride and awe in what we had accomplished. That feeling I had more than 25 years ago has never left me. Today, after closing those doors for good, I am still in awe and full of pride. I thank all the people who held me up along this journey, my wife, my kids, my brothers and parents, my staff, my friends and business associates, many of these folks had skills much greater than mine. I thank all of the guests who have loved what we did; we have always had the best guests. I know my closing of the restaurant is sad for many people, but it is not so for me. It was all far too good to be sad about. There is only one reason for my choice and it is a personal decision of how I want to spend the rest of my life. Beale Street Barbeque & Grill (17 May 1996 – 19 December 2021)

Truly, MQ

Thank you for being our guest.

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